Blustag Blue Gem at Basalt (Zephyr)

Sire: Jackal at Blustag (Jackal)
Dam: Shadowolf Sky Hope at Blustag (Nana)
Sex: Male
DOB: July 16, 2011
Color: Wolf Grey
Height: 28 inches
Weight: 75 pounds
BVA Hip Score: 11
DM: Clear
MDR1: Clear
CAER: Clear July 2017
Geneseek DNA: Yes
Embark DNA: Yes
MyDogDNA: Yes
Coat Color Genetics:
MyDogDNA: aw/aw, B/B, E/E, h/h, ky/ky

Titles and Rewards:
2012 1st Place Puppy,
3rd Place Iron Line Sled Dog Race 2014
6th Place Ironline Sled Dog Race 2015
1st Place Tahquamenon Sled Dog Race 2016
8th Place Ironline Sled Dog Race 2016
4th Place UP200 Dryland Dog Dash 2016

About Zephyr

Zephyr was born in Lincolnshire. He came from a litter of 4 pups, 2 males and 2 females. Zephyr is great with other dogs and loves children. He often follows me around everywhere and has to lay down right on top of me. Zephyr suffered from some seperation anxiety as a pup but he out grew it completely with time and patience. He is extremely intelligent and willing to learn but only if there is a reward involved. It took lots of training before he was reliable off lead but now he os better off lead then on lead. As he has matured he has became a leader in a sled dog team that I can lean on, taking all the commands that were are asked of him. Unfortunatly due to a injury I retired him from pulling in 2017. He will be bred one more time and then be neutered. We are hoping to import a female in late 2018 or early 2019.