Dresselhaus Chuck Norris at Basalt (Noque)

Sire: Cinnabar at Dresselhaus (Cinnabar)
Dam: Dresselhaus Cola (Cola)
Sex: Male
DOB: December 23, 2012
Color: Red Grey
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 93 pounds
BVA Hip Score:BVA 5
OFA Hip Score:Excellent
BVA Elbow Score:BVA 0
OFA Elbow Score:Normal
DM: Clear
MDR1: Clear
CERF: Clear
DNA Profile: NA
Color Profile:
MyDogDNA: aw/aw, B/b, e/E, h/h, ky/ky

Titles and Rewards:
2013 3rd Place Minor Puppy,
6th Place Ironline Sled Dog Race 2015

About Noque

Noque was born in Iowa. He came from a litter of 6 pups, 2 males and 4 females. Noque is excellent with all dogs and is happy to be around people but requires it be on his terms if strangers are to interact with him. He is idependent but loves snuggles from his master. He only has to be asked once when it comes to commands and he turns on a dime when called (even off squirrels).