Basalt's Breeding Policy

Basalt breeds according to the rules that were set up by the Tamaskan Dog Register at the bare minimum. The most important for us is health and character, followed by the right appearance. All of are breeding dogs are DNA profiled as well as tested for Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia and Degenerative Myelopathy as well as tested through Embarkfor 160+ Health issues.


Minimum breeding age: 2 years old
Maximum breeding age: 6 years old
Maximum breeding age bitch for 1st mating: 5 years old
Maximum number of litters: 2 litters
Frequency of breeding: Females may not be bred more then once every 12 months.


Minimum breeding age: 2 years
Maximum breeding age: none
Maximum number of litters: 3 litters


The breeding between parent/offspring, full brother/sister, half brother/sister, grandparent/grandpup, uncle/niece, aunt/nephew, first cousins is not allowed. Also no breeding that would produce a litter of pups with a COI greater than 10%.