About Me

I'm Katelyn Dehlin and I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my Tamaskan Dog Zephyr. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but my love for wildlife and the woods motivated me to pursue college else where.

I moved to Michigan and enrolled at Northern Michigan University. I started working towards two degrees, a film degree and a zoology degree. I later droped the zoology degree because I wanted to spend more time in the outdoors observing wildlife and I realized I didn't need a degree for that. I spent more time in the woods entwining my love for film with the my love for the woods. I graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor's degree in Digital Cinema and a minor in Outdoor Recreation.

After getting college out of the way I was ready to have dogs back in my life. I knew just which one I wanted, I had stumbled upon the Tamaskan back in 2007 and knew I would have one someday. I got Zephyr after being on the waiting list for nine months. After getting Zeph I registered my kennel name as Basalt Tamaskan.